Before there was Miami Beach

Miami Beach, for those who have lives here, is a very different place. It’s a place where the Bravo housewives are as violent as in Jersey, as dumb as the OC, and yet as rich as Beverly Hills – for reasons that never quite make sense.

After some hunting, in what seemed like the dog days of the recession, we bought a one bedroom in Sunset Harbour – a neighborhood best known at the time as the home of two towing lots and two grocers: Fresh Market and Florida favorite Publix.

The transition was jarring. At the New World Symphony on Miami Beach, the audience clapped between the movements. Groupon was full of deals like this, and the Miami Herald was so full of grammatical snafus that it later would attempt to crowdsource its copy editing with volunteers to cut costs…

But before there was the beach, and our first condo renovation, here is a glimpse at our style. This first pic, the table setting, is from our wedding registry and illustrates well how we loved metallics on dark wood. My classic Lenox and the DVF Cutipol flatware really pop on our old dark wood dining table, and these other pics are some inspiration for how we’d envision our new Miami beach condo interior (both have a Kelly Wearstler feel – the second IS Wearstler)…






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