Cleaning up the neighborhood…

Before the Jugofresh and all the Ferraris, Sunset Harbour was the junkyard of South Beach. It housed its mini-storage, auto repair shops, and the bane of every Miami Beach resident: its tow-yards.

Fast forward past a decade of outright gentrification, and Sunset Harbour is the playground of the Sunset Harbour Yacht Club and residents of Sunset Islands, which is to say – the megarich.  Nevertheless, one holdover of a seedier era remains, and almost nightly, residents are awakened to car alarms from Tremont Towing, terrorizing Sunset Harbour with noise pollution, overzealous property seizure, and political corruption which ensures this banana republic institution continues uninterrupted.

Enter the Miami New Times. The New Times is both the best source of journalism in Miami and evidently the only one which can afford a copyeditor…ahem Miami Herald! The New Times, which recently published a monumental story exposing the city’s doping clinics for professional baseball players, has opened a sincere dialogue about this blight on Miami Beach: its towing companies. My only criticism of this piece is that the author incorrectly uses the term monopoly throughout much of its cover-story article, when the accurate term is truly a biopoly between Tremont Towing and Beach Towing.

Memorable snippits include thsi quote from local Miami Beach councilman Jonah Wolfson:

Wolfson vehemently denies doing favors for Beach and Tremont even though both firms supported his wife’s judicial campaign. “Because we’re talking about the tow companies, you want to make it salacious,” he says. “My response to asking me if political contributions had something to do with my vote is, ‘Go fuck yourself.’ ”

Classy. Here’s a link to the whole piece from the Miami New Times.

Sunset Harbour Towing, towing miami, miami tow

Sunset Harbour Towing Mafia. Pure Class.


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