Confessions of a Trulia Troll…

So here’s what happens after you buy your first house: you become obsessed with your neighbors’ home value. You pay attention to cheesy realtor mailers. You ask others about their condo renovations and the permitting process. And you troll Trulia.

Tangent: why do realtors insist on sticking their faces on all promo materials? The cheesier they are, the less likely I am to think they’re intelligent – or even trustworthy. And in Miami, evidently your boob job is completely relevant to your realtor marketing materials. Don’t know if you got the memo, but your boob job totally indicates your competency and professionalism. No, really.

Anyway, I’m particularly interested in Trulia and real estate listing sites as sources of inspiration for my pending condo transformation. I’m noticing what others in this Sunset Harbour area have done – one owner took the original cream marble bath and mirrored a wall to open up the space. This is interesting…

marble and mirror sunset harbour interior design


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