Suddenly Toilets Matter. Seriously?

In a remodel, every detail matters. And to some (husbands in particular), toilets are of particular importance.

For resale value and its prestige factor the very-Euro aesthete of Miami Beach, we narrowed our search to Toto. But, from there, things narrowed themselves down to 3 models specifically:


The Toto Caruso, priced around $121-$190 USD

Toto Carusoe Cheap Toto Toilet


The Toto Drake, priced around $190 US.

Affordable Toto Toilet: Toto Drake


The Toto Aquia. Why? I like the smooth sides which (I’d imagine) wouldn’t collect dust as other toilets do with their ceramic/porcelain sides (which – I’ve always thought – look like intestines. Sorry for that mental image!). The best price we found is $309 at

Sleek Toilet Slim Toto Aquia

So, when it comes to toilets, I wonder if it’d best for property value and overall investment to splurge a bit on something that’s clearly very modern…or if it’s wiser to pick a great brand but save on price. Much to contemplate…

Oh, and here’s something bogus – notice how all the above toilets are featured *with* seats? Well you’ll be surprised to discover – if you’re on the prowl for toilets – that none actually come with toilet seats! Again, knowing we’ve narrowed things down to Toto, we’ve settled on this seat, but so much to consider! Ah!


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