All that glitters…belongs in the bathroom!

I don’t have a Narcissistic complex, but with the beautiful light in South Florida and the luxury of our coastal view is making me OBSESS over mirrored furniture.

I feel like mirrored furniture’s moment began really 2-3 years ago, and the benefit of this is that I’m noticing that mirrored pieces are easily found either a) on sale, or b) far cheaper than their initial price when mirror first made a splash.

My best case-in-point is our new master bath vanity! Since we’ve opted to keep our cream marble tile in our bathroom, I’m working out a plan to a) nix the nasty 90’s gold fixtures currently in place, and b) update the look in a way that incorporates the marble (paging Kelly Wearstler, paging Kelly. Wearstler). We purchased the vanity from, and evidently we bought the last one since NO photos can be found ANYWHERE. In-person pics to come!

So now we’re on the prowl for a new vanity for our powder room, and I’m contemplating a matching one since our itsy bitsy powder room might benefit from some mirror in making it appear bigger than it is.

Here are a few I just LOVE via Amazon:

And a great 30″ one for smaller powder rooms (I’m thinking smaller might be better, so that the mirrored sides will show):

I’m also thinking about installing an Extendable Makeup Mirror on the side for my master bath. They seem practical, and I like that they can fold up and move to the side, but could this seem cluttered? Still more decisions!


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