How to Fake a Fabulous Closet: Part 2

In home remodeling, realtors and decorators will all advise to put your money in kitchen and bath amenities. For a 1 bedroom like ours in Sunset Harbour, our kitchen will never be ideal for a serious chef, and our bathrooms are well on their way to gorgeous…so I’ve set about the task of improving the #3 priority, which comes #1 to most women (if they’re like me): closets!

Lighting in a standard builder’s grade closet is some variation of a standard overhead fixture: whether a lightbulb with a string or small flushmount. Overhead lighting creates shadow, particularly under any type of shelving. So even if you invest in your tricked out solid shelving (forget that wire junk), you’re only creating darkness, and darkness means the closets are incrementally less useful because if you can’t SEE your stuff, you can’t USE your stuff.

I’m faking my way to a fabulous closet by having my electrician line the interior opening of my closet with rope lighting. Rope lighting isn’t Christmas tree lighting, so don’t confuse the issue and create a fire hazard. Rope lighting is cool, LED-based, and looks ugly, but after the jump, you can see some beautiful examples of how this strategy lights the contents of your closet at eye-level and downward, evening out the closet lighting and helping you see your stuff.

Because your stuff is gorgeous, and deserves better lighting than that sad little bulb.

This is a project you can totally do yourself if you have an electrical outlet nearby. Because I have access to an electrician right now, I’m putting him to work on integrating this with my motion-sensor, so the moment I open my closet doors, everything will be illuminated. Can’t wait! Standard Rope Lighting (18′ fits more standard 80″ closet heights and 48″ openings)

Also, to create visual unity, I’m also investing in a whole bunch of the same coat hangers. This is the best bargain I’ve found for heavier-duty coats and men’s suits.



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