B-B-B-Breakin’ The Law: Garbage Disposals and Condo Living

Technically, in most condo and apartment environments, garbage disposals are outlawed by management and/or condo boards for the higher likelihood of serious clogging and pipe damage they cause.

…but, owing to what some might call the contradiction of “Universal Exceptionalism,” owners often see such disposals as an amenity, even in teeny tiny kitchens like mine. We’re toying with the idea of installing an “illegal” garbage disposal, and according to our contractor, we’ve learned that any enforcement of these anti-disposal rules is basically unheard-of. After a final municipal plumbing inspection, your disposal is your business.

We’re hoping this isn’t a lesson we learn the hard way…what do you think of a mini-Badger In-Sink-Erator disposal, versus their competitor “Waste King?” I’m sure WK makes viable products, but I just don’t want the brand name lining the chrome of my beautiful new sink. Irrational? Yes.

…Update: turns out “Waste King”‘s products don’t have the brand name emblazoned on the sink trim. And their user reviews far surpass those of In-Sink-Erator. Game Changer. I think we’re going with the King


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