Those in glass showers…

There’s no doubt that glass shower doors are de riguer, but living on Miami Beach, we have terribly hard water. Mineral buildup is gross. What to do?

I’ve researched this for longer than I cared to admit, and I’ve tried CLR, Lime Away and a number of products that do little. A bimonthly scrub down with Bon Ami has been my only solution and it’s a daunting task – even for our small shower.

Today I stumbled upon a blog post from back in May 2011 (truly, this is a timeless challenge) that gave this quandary nearly-scientific, or at least very methodical scrutiny.

Without stealing the punchline, I want to refer anyone who has ever dealt with this issue – certainly this means everyone living on Miami Beach with beautiful glass showers – to this post.

Shower scum, solved. Happy 2015 everyone*!!

*Spoiler alert (for those who haven’t clicked that link): since 2011, the world has brought us many advances, including a spray version of out tester’s winning product. Hurray progress!!


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