Everything old is new. Happy 2015!

With the new year,¬†somethings are to be expected: Barry’s Bootcamp and Flywheel in Sunset Harbour on Miami Beach are backed. Gwyneth Paltrow is doing a cleanse. And Miami’s craving for real estate development, home renovation and fine design is unquenched. Really, the city is still filled with cranes and Maison et Objet is slated to launch its first America’s show right here on Miami Beach. Take that, Basel!

But another trend is emerging: a curiosity and fascination with good old traditions and – dare we say – pragmatism. Not in the hokey, hipster, “authentic” Brooklyn inspired way of wearing flannel or men shaving with straight-edge razors (or not shaving, see also #beardos), but something more subtle. Yes, this flies in the face of all things Miami, where everything is bigger and practicality and good sense are often left by the wayside (see also, #boobjobs, #overdevelopment, #Miamicarculture)

The good-old fashioned Blackberry is making a comeback with its well-named Blackberry Classic. The phone taps into the Amazon app marketplace for those of us who have moved on since our brick breaker days, but according to tech reviewers, its old-school email capabilities make us think many of the hedge fund types seen at Basel will be picking these up soon.

And a move toward practicality is emerging in home design as well: well designed pieces that offer storage as well as good looks are on our radar. Art that brightens your home as well as your mood. Multitaskers. Good design, or as Martha would say, good things.

Here’s to a new year of good things.