Back to Business: Part Deux

For my latest office project, we’re devising clever ways to maximize use of space beginning with how to create a kitchenette in a space without plumbing and without…really a kitchen of any kind. ¬†Using our sleek palette, we’re outfitting a full-height IKEA Pax unit with everything needed for coffeemaking, water service and light cooking. But the catch is that everything needs to fit inside. Some necessary equipment:

papertowelikeamagholderhooks41IIBH1IqNL._SL500_SS100_Everything’s consistent in our color scheme, and our goal of using every inch as efficiently as possible.

Stay tuned!


Back to Business

Now that summer is officially over, it’s apropos I’m taking on an office design project. Aside from fundamental basics of offices, I get a little wiggle room to play with considering that my client is none other than an international ad agency. So I’m mixing a little of office necessity with a little James Bond office chic: stark black, white, and gray palette.

My inspirations: Tom Ford, Mad Men, and yes, even a Helmut Newton-worthy terrace overlooking midtown Manhattan.

Stay tuned!