How to free up floor space + make your space bigger

Since most of my residential remodeling projects have involved 1 bedrooms, where every square foot matters, the #1 reason for bringing in a professional designer is what I call “spatial strategy.” Obviously you know how important closets are in maximizing storage in small spaces, and thinking creatively about every piece you bring into your home, but to maximize use of space and the illusion of largess, here’s a favorite secret of mine: sconces..

Sconces free up counter and shelfspace for decorative elements, and lighting generally opens, brightens, and makes every nook and cranny useable.

Here’s how to make a bedroom brighter, and give each partner reading light, freeing up nightstands for charging stations, books, etc.:

Perfect Bedroom Sconce w Reading Light

Another way to start your search for sconces perfect for the living room, dining room, bedroom or reading nook is to checkout models by George Kovacs. He sells a wide variety of modern sconces that can work in a variety of styles. Serge Mouille’s abstract, Calder-inspired spidery chandeliers and sconces are having a moment, but for resale value I’d advise mode versatile pieces.

What sconces inspire you?



Miami Beach for Cyclists: Best Buys for Beach Biking

Life in Miami Beach lends itself well to walking…along Lincoln Road, around town, or down the beach. But when you really need to get around, cycling is a great way to pick up the pace without the hassle of parking and crazy traffic we’re currently facing.

For a sport typically dominated by MAMILs (Middle Aged Men In Lycra), monthly events like Critical Mass are helping grow a legit Miami Bike Scene with a hip culture and life of its own. Since I’m based in Sunset Harbour and I work and play mostly on Miami Beach, I strongly recommend beach cruiser bikes for their stability, utility (in carrying groceries, etc.) and general cuteness. But I fully recognize my little Linus is far from “legit” in the eyes of most cyclists on Miami Beach or elsewhere in the city.

Regardless of what bike you might ride, the importance of bike safety and security can’t be understated. No, really. Here are some favorite bikes and bike accessories for Miami Beach:

  Here, a red lock adds a great pop of color!


And don’t forget basic bike safety: stock up on proper lights to combat treacherous Miami Beach traffic!